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Web Logs

An update log for the site.

4/24/2022 Created an Update Log system and updated FAQ. Also Updated some styling.

4/27/2022 Added a Twitter feed on the home page and removed some stuff I'm not using anymore.

7/31/2022 Updated About and FAQ. Removed Twitter links cuz I don't use it anymore.

12/27/2022 Updated 404 screen to better represent s&box today. Also updated some alignment.

2/11/2023 Complete site refactor. New log system to make it easier on me lol.

2/12/2023 Updated Styling.

2/14/2023 Added LambdaGen Profile Link. Fixed mobile-related scaling issues.

2/16/2023 Made the site a little closer to home. ;) Added profile link. Updated some Styling.

2/22/2023 Added GitHub Profile Link. Updated 404 Error page.

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