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Web Logs

An update log for the site.

4/24/2022 Created an Update Log system and updated FAQ. Also Updated some styling.

4/27/2022 Added a Twitter feed on the home page and removed some stuff I'm not using anymore.

7/31/2022 Updated About and FAQ. Removed Twitter links cuz I don't use it anymore.

12/27/2022 Updated 404 screen to better represent s&box today. Also updated some alignment.

2/11/2023 Complete site refactor. New log system to make it easier on me lol.

2/12/2023 Updated Styling.

2/14/2023 Added LambdaGen Profile Link. Fixed mobile-related scaling issues.

2/16/2023 Made the site a little closer to home ;), Added profile link. Updated some Styling.

2/22/2023 Added GitHub Profile Link. Updated 404 Error page.

5/22/2023 Removed outdated links.

5/29/2023 Updated Site Styling, Spellchecked Blog Posts.

6/11/2023 Added Download Center.

7/7/2023 Styled the website to resemble even more, thanks for a good 2 years!

7/27/2023 Added Twitch Link.

12/11/2023 Updated Archive to contain videos of the BMVRAI production, and photos taken using the cut HLA Photo Mode. Updated design of The Archive to be coherent with the rest of the publicly available pages. (excluding the old logs because I don't bother to update those.)

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