Questions I felt I should answer. I will update as more questions come in or if answers change

Q: Is s&box as good as people say? (does it live up to gmod?)

A: No.  Not at all.  Trust me it is not worth it. (yet). If you are a dev it's heaven but ofc that isn't everyone.

Q: Will you ever return to HLA mapping/modding?

A: Maybe. Still working on it.

Q: Do you do anything outside of source 2?

A: I have messed around with UE and Unity but that's about it.

Q: Any other games you are excited for/want bad?

A: Sonic Frontiers (please don't be shit), and BONELAB. Really only games I'm hyped for atm.

Q: Why do you like s&box so much

A: Check this video out

Q: When will s&box get addons?

A: When the API is ready. It already has started getting addons kinda.

Q: What is the state of VR in s&box (as of April 2022?)

A: Pretty much everything is good. Just some small shader issues.

Q: When will the Source 2 SDK be released?

A: s&box is the closest thing we will get to a full Source 2 SDK Release. 

Q: Is s&box VR good?

A: Not alone but people have the ability to make it good.

Q: What was your thought of getting s&box?

A: Never really expected to get a key. I never really wanted to get into s&box

as much as I have. it all just kinda happened. 

Q: Is Shooter: Revived Dead

A: Nope. Everyone is just busy atm.

Q: How do you get s&box?

A: Right here, friend!