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Dev Logs (Old)

Got the idea to do a s&box styled dev log type thing so I could keep track with stuff. I'll try to get these out monthly at least. Hope yall like it.

September EOM Log 2021

Published Oct. 5th 2021 (sorry for the wait lol)

Thought of doing Key Rush for a while but never ended up doing it until now. Got the basics of what I want set up and I think it looks pretty nice so far (up for the people with s&box that wanna mess with it). Other than that I have been setting up Repos for Project Mars which has brought back onto the drawing board. I'll work some more in October but I have been kinda stressed with school stuff lately so ill get that sorted first. ill be waiting until then I guess.

New GP Map 2021 Log

Published Oct. 7th 2021

I thought it would be a good idea to start doing these in real time as stuff happens so I could get these out quicker (Let me know how it goes). I started working on a racetrack for a game mode I was working on with a few friends called “s&karts”. This game mode was canceled and as soon as I hear about The Eagle One team working on Gr&Prix, I really wanted to start it up again (perfect name btw). I had an early version of the map made a while back and I used this as the base. I matched it up with the sizing on the cars in Gr&Prix and I think it looks good. I’ll get a playtest build out soon™. I'll leave you with footage of the map as a send off. Enjoy.


Published Oct. 8th 2021

This should be self explanatory. Its gbombs/hbombs for s&box. Me and my friend just started working on it and it looks pretty nice so far. not much else to say so yea.

The Future

Published Oct. 14th 2021

I never thought I would be this much liked. And I feel now more than ever that I should announce my break. Yes, I will be gone for a while but am I done? No. not at all. I will be back soon but for now, I have to get caught up on some things. See you on the flipside. I love you all. (sorry for the hair I just woke up lol)


I'm Back. (October EOM)

Published Oct. 30th 2021

I did some UI Updates to s&box++ to make everything seem more "bouncy" and I quite like how it turned out. Also added my friend's chair code and made a few variants. The rest of October was pretty slow. I joined a team remaking Day of Defeat so that's cool. Also, tfs2 got leaked for a bit and I played it (pretty good stuff amper. I'm sorry.)But I'm Glad to be back. (also happy spooky man month)

Another Construct? (WIP)

Published Nov. 20th 2021

Yes but hear me out. You can play on it right now if you have s&box (type "map gmodn.construct_gman" in console or search G Struct.) I plan to take everything that

made construct good, and improve on it. Anyways other than that I'm also working on

a Sky Fortress map too so look out for that. Also working on a s&box year one video to be published on April 20th next year (one year after keys got given out.) Thats all for now.

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