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The story of the s&box fan map trilogy

The story of the most useless s&box maps, and why I felt the need to make them.

Feb 21, 2023

So back in 2017, s&box was announced to be in development. I had heard about it back then but, I was really young and didn't keep that much of a watch on it. Back in 2019, I rediscovered the project and started keeping my eye on it, this was also the year that my life would change substantialy and it was rough on me so I didn't spend much time online. 2020 rolled around and I hear about it again on the Eagle One discord. Apparently following the release of Alyx, people were discussing the possiblility of it moving to Source 2 (It was on UE4 at the time.) This really caught my interest because I had been a source 2 Modder for a while and to create gmod style content with that really intruiged me. Soon enough, they switched engines and started handing out access. I thought to myself, "I could make a simple sandbox map right?" so I did. I called it s&box fan map and uploaded it to the HL:A Workshop. Soon enough content creator "Skummeh" played it for a youtube series and he absolutely tanked its review lol. He said something along the lines of "If this doesn't get you s&box, nothing will." I then told him that once I got s&box, I would make a sequel for it on s&box. I played it off as a joke, but then I actually got s&box and was like "shit I have to do this now." The sequel was uploaded the same day I got s&box (July 7th 2021) and it was pretty popular. Anyways a few months back my friends talked to me and said I should make a 3rd one, so I did. And that's it, felt like I should get this out there. Will I make another s&box fan map? Maybe, but probably not. I have more important things to do, like making penises in the sandbox gamemode in random servers I join.

Oh shit just realised, Skummeh is still very much at his thing, Go check him out here!

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