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Media Dump

A dump of s&box related Screenshots/Art, SFM or otherwise.

Feb 22, 2023

My old pfp/branding

A parody of Saul Goodmans buiesness card.

Old Terry standing in a gray void.

An old test map for HL:DM

The same test map but an older, less detailed varient of it

Me messing with Voxels.

An old map I was making with a friend. That whiteboard with the fake steam keys was supposed to be a "Rattman" type figure.

The G-Terry hitting a blunt

A remake of the Garry's Mod steam artwork.

A recreation of a friends 2D s&box art.

A remake of that one image of garry on the shitter


Clearly, you don't own s&box.

Some weird creature only god can explain.

fucking pissed >:(

Glizzy Gobblers key art

ACTUALL key art *applause*

Key rush progress

A parody of the Japan Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Drive Box Art

The first map I ever intended for s&box release. Never saw the light of day.

A closeup of the main platform.

An old map for Gr&Prix. Was intended to be aperture themed.

An SFM iteration of my friends S&box Fan art.

Fucjucking die

Speed Dial Club made by Eagle One

TF:S2 Arena Well by Amper Software

Early Reflection Cube glass shader from Quanta Collective.

Why he mad tho?

Day 1 s&box build (Built on April 20th 2021)


The bastard.

Early GoldenEye: Source bunker

The Gordon Stack

This was a triumph.

Kitt-Katt (Sam)

The amalgimation.

Testing devcam filter settings

"No sorry, I don't know who this "Gman" is"

Is this cannon?

Terry Freeman (Model by VodMesa)

ERROR: Missing Counter-Strike: Source 2

The @OnSbox is @OnDeck

Bro looks like he bouta take a shit and tell twiter about his shit.

Thanks, I hate terry smiling.

Ah that's more like it.

Oh come on you had it coming

Some boys playing a game of UNO and losing friends while their at it.

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