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Half-Life: Deathmatch Progress Update

A progress update on my Half-Life themed Deathmatch Game for S&box.

Jul 13, 2023

The Goal Change

The biggest change by far is the goal of the project. Initally, it was a remake of HL2DM and nothing more, so the name DM04 made sense. However eventually I did get people telling me "X Weapon should be in the game" dispite it not having anything to do with HL2. Eventually, I made the decision to change the projects goal to a Half-Life themed Deathmatch. This should give people a bit more freedom on what to make with the project.

A shit ton of pain

The biggest thing that happened coding wise was me having to go in an recode everything from scratch. Because s&box is a very in development game, it changes a lot, meaning things get deprecaded or just flat out dont work. Fortunately, despite this I managed to dig Half-Life: Deathmatch out of the hole of errors it was lying in, and got most of everything working again.

New Menu

Recently, and update with S&box allows gamemode creators to make their own pause menus for their gamemodes, giving us a lot more freedom and ability to make it feel like an actual game. As soon as this was merged to the main branch of S&box, I got to work making the menu for Half-Life: Deathmatch. At first it was pretty bland, and felt more of the same base menu you would find in the game, but over time I got it pretty close to a "Source Menu" feel.

HL2DM Menu

Player Equip System

Another big change was the introduction of the Player Equip Entity. This will make it easier for map makers to have control over what weapons and how much ammo people spawn with.

A preview of the Player Equip Entity
Player Equip System


I am now looking for mappers to step up and create stuff for Half-Life: Deathmatch, one of those being foxtrot, who is in charge of remaking dm_steamlab from HL2DM, in S&box. Of course, they dont want this to be just a straight port of the map, they are also giving it a unique look while still keeping it true to the original map. It is in a very early state at the moment, and most of it is in a blockout phase, so here are some screenshots of some of the more complete sections. Keep in mind that this is far from being done.

Looking torward the future

I am very eager to start working on this project again, but it has become very clear that my skillset is limited, and I'm gonna need some help. Excuse my begging, but if you happen to have experience programming in C# or mapping in Source 2 and think you could help out, please reach out to me on discord. I am in the S&box discord very often, and my personal discord is linked in the footer of this website. That's all I have for now, thanks for coming by!

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