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Branching out

My future plans for content.

Jun 11, 2023

There is only so much you can do with one game. That's what I've been thinking to myself for the past few months, regarding a certian in development sandbox title. I've been getting a bit burnt out with s&box, and I have been spending less and less time on it as the days pass, and I have ideas for more content that I think I could be really good with, which is why I'm here.

What to expect

For most of you, this will mean nothing. However for the 0.01% of tech nerd in my friendhole this will be important. I have been experimenting with a new style of content, which is tech related (nah fr???). This could be really anything, some ideas I've had is showing you guys my cool tech stuff like a homebrewed 3DS, iPod stuff, my JTAG Xbox 360 S, stuff like that. So if you are into that type of thing, look out for an announcement Soon™.

What NOT to expect

Don't worry other 99.9%, s&box is not going anywhere I still love this game to hell and back. I just wanna give myself a little bit of breathing room from time to time without my lungs being filed with nothing but s&box stuff. I also wont just do vlogs or stuff unless its REALLY nessesary, I will never stoop that low, please trust me. ALSO, this will all be on a brand new channel, my main is going untouched. I still have not figured out a name for it so if you have any good ideas lmk.

TL;DR: Making a new tech nerd channel, but I'm not stopping s&box stuff. Look forward to future details.

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